AOL Helpline and Technical Support

AOL operates as a web portal and online service provider, which is owned and marketed by Verizon Communications. It offers a range of products and services, which includes communication tools, mobile applications, and other packages. It is a web browser where the users can browse for news, play online games, listen to music, and watch videos on a single platform. The user-interface is quite friendly and straightforward and is operated by anyone who possesses a little bit of technical knowledge. AOL offers comprehensive all in one platform and can be operated even for shopping and entertainment channels. Offering a lot of options to research, it has become one of the favorites among the users. One can also chat with the help of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). One needs to install AOL Desktop in their operating system and can navigate its benefits endlessly by a click. To know more, promptly connect with the techies at AOL customer care at any given day.

AOL Products

AOL, as a company, offers different products and services to their clients. Segregating into different sections, it makes it more comfortable and convenient for the people. Ranging from providing a connection to entertainment, the products carries all. The basic and the fundamental ones which are used by many people include


AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is a better and advanced version of AOL Desktop. It performs the function of a web browser, an instant messenger as well as a media player. It is different from the previous AOL browser. The main focus of Desktop Gold is on browsing experience as well as emails. One can avail a 30 day free trial of the AOL Desktop Gold subscription to understand its usage. It is an all in one desktop which provides the experience of mail, news, entertainment, and connection.


AOL Mail

It is a web-based email service provided by AOL. The users can use the services of AOL mail without subscribing to AOL Gold. It has features of organizing, customizing, and sending/receiving emails. AOL Mail provides a personalized experience where the users can manage their address book ( featuring AOL contacts; their birthdays, anniversaries, events and more)

AOL Shield

To protect your AOL Desktop from unwanted advances, AOL Shield provides complete protection and makes you safe from online threats. It keeps you protected when you are browsing for shopping, doing transactions, or surfing your social media sites. It is a free web browser which is optimized for those users who have a dial-up internet connection or using previous operating systems



In spite of working amazingly great of the desktop interface, AOL also operates on smartphones. The users can install an AOL app for both Android and iPhone and navigate the browsing experience endlessly wherever they go. Everything is brought together on your mobile device. Now receive your mails at an instant by installing the AOL app.

How to Reach AOL Customer Support?

AOL technical support offers guidance and helps for all kinds of doubts and queries that a person can have. You can dial the toll-free number, avail the option of live chat with the expert techies and get answers to the questions that you put forward. With the availability of AOL Support on a 24-hour basis, you need not worry. The techies will promptly resolve all your queries. Navigate your AOL experience without any hassles and worries, when the help by techies is available for you every time.